Personal Info

Name: Monir Suhin
Date of birth: 18 October 1993
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Location: Mohammad, Dhaka, BD

Phone: +880 1636168680
Email: info@monirsuhin.website

About Myself

I’m Monir Suhin a Google Mobile Site certified web designer and WordPress font end designer.
I’m based in Bangladesh where I work from a small studio. I have been working professionally as a web designer for 2 years
I’m Passionate about web design and development. I work more than 13-14 hours every day, I love to do this, it’s my life- everything. I learn new things every day.

My Skills

Profesional Skills

Profesional Skills

  • HTML – HTML 5

  • CSS – CSS 3

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap Framework

  • JAVA

  • SQL Database

  • PHP language

  • WordPress Development

  • Android

Web Design 90%
Wordpress Development 95%
MarJavaScript 70%
WordPress Landing Page 90%
Android 85%
Java 78%